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Mom to a teenager, Michael
Book Nerd
Rescue Dog Mom to Ducky and Waffles
Avid Black Tea Drinker
Sweater Addict
Lover of Light
Favorite Book - The Fault in Our Stars
Sucker for Reality TV
Love to Kayak
I'm a Swiftie
Loves Indie Music

Fun Facts

Storyteller - Photographer - Wife - Mom

Jodi Hutton

When we were planning our small backyard wedding, we made sure we hand selected every guest and every detail. We choose our wedding photographer because we wanted someone that would capture those unnoticed moments and genuine emotions of everyone. I know the care I took planning my own wedding which is why I prioritize the Jodi Hutton experience to guarantee your photographs are romantic, emotional and real stories of your guests and your love. 

The Jodi Hutton Experience ensures that every detail, emotion and moment gets preserved as an heirloom for the rest of your life

More? Sure! 

I am a sap of a human, my boys have affectionately named me weepy Mom because I cry over everything. Happy, sad, a random animal I saw two years ago and am wondering how they are doing? Yup! Which means I will absolutely cry at your vows, first dance, etc. I am a huge book nerd, but it sometimes comes in waves and currently am a fan of female written psychological thrillers. Our house is filled to the brim with laughter. I love wine, and beer, current favorites are a dry pinot, and Bumbleberry from Fatheads. We love to load up on a summer day and head to Mentor Headlands and have dinner at Scooters. Being a Mom is one of my greatest accomplishments, and it's going far too fast!