We want you to feel at ease, we are there to capture all of your love story. We love your love. We love getting to know you, hearing your story. When we know YOU, we know what's most important to you, and how to capture that and tell the story of how your love story came to be by its biggest supporters. 

When you choose Jodi Hutton Photography you will never have to worry about a missed moment because your real love story is our priority. 

We want to get to know you, meet for coffee, a beer (or wine) or over a zoom meeting and learn more about your wedding day vision, what you value. We want to ensure photography is something you won't have to think twice about, and know we will hold your hand figuratively (or literally) and will capture your genuine, authentic, love story! Come on over, let's get to know one another! Cheers! 

We have limited availability for 2023

Average Investment 3600